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Working with Mala will help you:

Remove Self-Doubt

Mala's coaching will help you identify and let go of your limiting beliefs. Together we will help you get rid of imposter syndrome and realise you are good enough.

Strengthen Your Mindset

Having a growth mindset is a key part of working with me, together we will strengthen your mindset so you can achieve the success you desire in all areas of your life.

Clarify Your Goals

Get clarity on your goals. Set intentions that build on your tiny commitments for big wins so you can see massive transformation in your life and business.

We will tune into your vision and ensure you are taking the right and meaningful steps to get there so that you can live a purposeful life.

the self-love experience with mala kennedy

Meet Mala

I'm Mala, life coach, writer, podcaster, and mama. I help women shift from self-doubt to self-love so they feel confident. I work with language, emotions and body and their relationship to the self to facilitate lasting shifts in my client's life so they can truly find their voice.

I used to play small, I had serious imposter syndrome. I'd have big ideas and start things but doubt myself and never follow through, or finish them. I was scared to use my voice and I felt so alone.

It wasn't until I identified the negative chatter in my head, spoke my fears and worked through them with a community of like-minded women that I stopped hiding and started committing to my dreams.

What My Clients Say

I was just amazed at all the things that were coming up and coming out that I just had no expectation of so it was fantastic, because then we were able to put together some strategies for me to move forward. I've already found them really helpful.

- Alison-

mala kennedy testimonial

Mala is amazing. She's very intuitive, and also was a loving interruption in my life. My biggest breakthrough working with Mala was coming up with an action plan to be able to offer the retreats and workshops that I want to do and put out there in the world.

- Richa

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