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The Magnetic Self Membership

I know what it is like to feel like you are constantly searching and craving a sense of community, craving other women to hear your voice, to grow and feel confident in your business. To know you are on the right path, to trust yourself, and that you know exactly what to do.

To feel supported by other women who help you rise.

You are made for so much more than what we have been conditioned to believe.

This is for you to pull this vision in your heart, to create luxury in your life and live your life on your own terms.

I have been there. I've felt so lost, circling round and round the strategy that left me feeling overwhelmed and empty. Thinking it was what I needed, and going with the misaligned 'shoulds'.

You've been doing what you're told to do and it feels so icky, and it's not the answer.

All I had to do was trust myself, I needed to know my inner wisdom.  That's all you have to do to.

Having other women around you that are doing it, embodying their highest selves, their energy is fire to grow into your fullest potential.

Believe in the possibilities. They are not just for other people. They are for you too.

I created the Magnetic Self Membership because I wanted to create a community that was safe for women to share their voice with other women. A place where you can tune into your spirituality and trust yourself. A place to simultaneously grow your confidence and business.

You are so worthy babe. You deserve to have at all. You know this is for you because you are here. You are enough, so do the thing and remind yourself that you can have it all.

You get to have this, you get to sit in circle and take time out for you while you grow your biz. The two go hand in hand and your soul knows. Trust it.

The Magnetic Self Membership is your sacred community where you know you are good enough and worthy of all your desires. Join us now and feel the freedom you've been craving for all those years.

It includes:

- fortnightly live training

- monthly circles

- monthly q & a

- monthly healing tool

- monthly group coaching call

You will also get access to other bonuses like mini-courses, guest teachers and more.

Join us and activate your Magnetic Self!

This membership is open to all who identify as women, it is a non-judgemental and exclusive space.

Members will also get access to select public circles for free, including my circles for Women of Colour.

I'm in!